Benefit Plan Audits

Benefit Plan Audits in Tulsa, OK

When running a business, you have to account for the benefits that you are obligated to give your employees. Having an outside CPA firm look over the plans you offer will help you verify their compliance to all applicable regulations. Briscoe, Burke & Grigsby LLP provides benefits plan audits in Tulsa. Schedule a consultation with us today for assistance in making sure your benefit plans are effective.

Why You Need to Audit Your Benefit Plans

As you provide a benefit plan to your employees, you need to be able to demonstrate that the amount you contribute to your employees, the amount the sponsor of the plan pays, and any other transaction regarding the plan is within the bounds of various business regulations. If your records demonstrate inconsistencies among this financial information, you could be at risk of an audit from the IRS. Being able to provide reasonable assurance behind the financial statements of your hosted employee benefit plan is critical to maintaining compliance with all reporting and benefits standards.

Our Tulsa CPA firm conducts benefit plan audits when you need to show compliance. We analyze the details behind each statement and follow up when necessary to develop an educated opinion of assurance. We report on our findings, offering the insights and possible explanations that could clarify the numbers on the reports.

Our Experience

While an employee benefit plan audit may seem similar to a standard financial statement audit, there are enough unique factors behind benefits that auditing them requires a particularly experienced accountant. You will need someone who has explicit training and experience in auditing benefit plans to have an accurate report.

Briscoe, Burke & Grigsby LLP possesses that unique expertise. Our firm is a member of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, a firm-based voluntary membership center. This program within the American Institute of CPAs provides its members the resources necessary to conduct benefit plan audits accurately and efficiently, including networking opportunities to measure our methodology with other benefit plan experts and so ensure the quality of our services. By being members of this group within the AICPA, we hone our assurance services to best meet the unique needs of benefit plan auditing.

Contact Us for Benefit Plan Assistance

Briscoe, Burke & Grigsby LLP offers benefit plan audits near Tulsa. We can help businesses from all nearby communities establish a benefits plan that stays within budget and meets all regulations. For more information about the financial support we offer to local businesses, call our firm and schedule a consultation today

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