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About Our Tulsa, OK Firm

Briscoe, Burke & Grigsby LLP provides accounting services in Tulsa and all surrounding communities. Our dedication to the following principles help our CPAs make sure that your business is best served by our firm. If this approach to client care will best help your company thrive, call us today.

Unique Industries

Several different industries, such as oil & gas and construction, have a unique presence in our community. These fields have unique accounting challenges that make keeping track of assets particularly difficult. In addition to our quality skills that help businesses of any field, we possess an advanced understanding of several particular industries and can help these businesses navigate their unique bookkeeping realities.

Responsive to Client Needs

Accounting challenges can arise at any time, and prompt resolution of these concerns is critical to a business’ success. As a result, the CPAs who can best serve your needs are the ones that can respond to your queries as they arise and resolve them in a preemptive way.

Our Tulsa CPAs maintain a responsive communication style. From the top of our organization to the bottom, we maintain open communication with our clients and reply to calls and emails as soon as we can. When these calls concern the way our services are delivered to them, we tailor our services to meet the newly discovered needs. We are an accounting team that addresses audits, bookkeeping errors, and any other financial concerns proactively instead of reactively.

An Entire Team Serves You

Whenever a corporation hires Briscoe, Burke & Grigsby LLP to resolve their accounting needs, we assign an entire team of accounting and bookkeeping professionals to their case.

This team approach provides several unique advantages that suit the particular needs a corporate entity faces. As the owner or manager of the company, you will have several points of contact that you can reach out to when you have a question or concern. The team member you call will bring up your concern with the rest of your assigned associates, making sure no issue gets lost or ignored. Our team structure also lets us make sure we provide the quality of service you require through a series of checks and balances. Ultimately, you will be best suited to thrive in the marketplace through our team accounting approach.

Contact Us Today

Briscoe, Burke & Grigsby LLP are accountants in Tulsa that use a responsive, team-based, and uniquely experienced approach to client care. These elements help us make sure your business receives the high-quality accounting service you need to stay competitive. To learn more, call us today and schedule a free initial consultation.

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