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Niche Accounting Assistance in Tulsa, OK

As an accounting firm in Tulsa OK with over thirty years of experience in serving our community, we can help nearly any business handle the unique accounting functions they may face in their industry. However, we have also developed a particularly thorough understanding of the unique bookkeeping quirks of a few niche industries throughout our career. In addition to the help we give to all companies, Briscoe, Burke & Grigsby LLP serves the following industries with specialized accounting assistance in Tulsa.


One of the key accounting challenges a construction company faces is insurance bonding. Everyone who builds a road or building in our area has to acquire an insurance bond to cover the work they perform. To qualify for that insurance, an independent CPA must perform and sign off on a review, if not an audit. If the insurer sees the numbers that demonstrate a business following the construction industry’s best practices, then they will grant the insurance bond.

Our accounting firm in Tulsa gladly helps construction companies in all their accounting needs, including insurance bonding. We perform the attestation service you need and discuss the results with you before submitting them to the insurance company. If there are any issues we discover over the course of the review or audit, we will talk about the ways those areas can be improved.

Oil & Gas and Manufacturing

While they are drastically different industries, oil & gas companies and manufacturing businesses face similar challenges in accounting. Both fields have more complex hurdles to address when conducting their standard accounting. Additionally, the tax incentives that companies in these fields can apply for—from IEC deductions to incentives based on the business structure—must be carefully understood before application.

Briscoe, Burke & Grigsby LLP has significant experience in both the oil & gas and the manufacturing field, giving us the specific knowledge necessary to best help these companies with their accounting needs. Our understanding of and ability to assist in these fields has given us the chance to work with several out-of-state businesses.

Electric Cooperatives

Few businesses face the enhanced accounting needs that electric cooperatives work with. For instance, these companies fall under government auditing standards, which are much stricter than the standard attestation requirements of other fields.

Not only does Briscoe, Burke & Grigsby LLP provide accounting services specific to electric cooperatives, but our firm is also one of the top ten providers of those services in the nation. We have helped over 25,000 different companies maintain compliance with the Yellow Book of auditing standards. The combined experience of our members makes sure that the needs of our clients in this field are fully met.  

Contact Us for Niche Industry Accounting

Briscoe, Burke & Grigsby LLP provides industry-specific accounting services in Tulsa. However, we are not limited to these fields alone; we can help any company with their tax and accounting needs, regardless of industry. For more information about how we help businesses, call or email our firm today. 

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